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NORWACS Strategic Framework 2023-2028

This Strategic Framework identifies NORWACS’ key focus areas and, within each of these, the strategic objectives which provide the linkages between this Framework and implementation through NORWACS’ annual operational and individual work plans.

NSW Women's Health Framework 2019

This Framework identifies the goals and strategies of the NSW Sate Government’s Health Department and its delivery partners, including the Northern Rivers Women and Children’s Services Inc, to strengthen the services they provide for women and girls in New South Wales.

The Women’s Health Sector Model of Service Delivery in NSW Australia

This report demonstrates that through its gender-specialised response, and unique configuration and delivery of services, the Women’s Health Sector represents a foundation for the development of urgently needed services to address one of the nation’s most pressing social failures: the routine threat to the health and safety of Australia’s women and girls.

Mapping of Women’s Health Centres: Literature review 2017

This report documents the finding of a mapping study to establish a comprehensive understanding of the services provided by Women’s Health Centres in NSW and their alignment with state and local priorities. The NSW Ministry of Health commissioned Urbis to undertake the study.